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Jan 2021 Chuck Hinckley Updates

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

2021 is looking to be a busy and exciting year. Here is what is going on:

My non-compete with my prior firm is over, and I really enjoy working with clients helping them fund their businesses, and working with investors looking to make and manage investments in the renewable / clean tech space. As I stated when I left my prior firm, I am not looking to head on head compete necessarily, rather take complex assigments requiring senior day to day involvement, helping buyers and investors, working with emerging stage companies, and time consuming engagements.

I am active in sustainable agrigulture, electric vehicles, fuel cells, waste to energy and renewable fuels as this posting.

I am Registered Rep with a Finalis Securities a Member of FINRA/SIPC which is great to have their regulatory compliance support; I will continue to do business as CC Hinckely Co., but clear any securities related work via Finalis.

I do update prior blogs to the extent there is new news. Some of my higher traffic blogs, I update regularily.

And I am the interim CFO of the Smith Electric Vehicle Corporation which is a 100 year old EV truck manufacturer with a superior truck. We are resuscitating this great brand; after years to waiting for its moment, it is poised for huge success on the reduction of its major cost - batteries. Battery costs have fallen from over $600/kWHR to approximtly $150 / kWHR in the past five years - EV's will rule the road as soon as the factories to make them ramp up. The EV is far less expensive to operate than its internal combustion engine alternative.

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