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I replied to @mikepriaro on LinkedIn and wanted to provide the referenced materials.

Here is the post: "I just have to point out the lowest cost power markets in the US - the Pacific NW (hydro), South Dakota (55% wind), Iowa (64% wind), Oklahoma (44% wind), New Mexico (35% wind, 6% solar), Nevada (23% solar) ... this "Renewables lead to high price narrative is patently false" and not consistent with observations. High renewable prices disappeared a decade ago. Furthermore a priori, it is what one would expect --- renewables kick the dispatch curve to the right ... meaning market heat rates and spark and dark spreads come down ... I can not speak for your Canadian programs which are much more government than market driven ... The pic is 5 years of US lower 48 generation - gas, coal, red is wind, yellow solar ... seem like they are holding their own - and driving market prices down along the way. Study in Texas, wind and solar saved ERCOT market $11 Billion in 2022 alone ... where are the numbers to support this alternative narrative?

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