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RIP - Don Wallin

I had just left a very challenging tour as the Chief Engineer of a Navy destroyer returning from and also challenging tour in the Persian Gulf - to say I was a bit tightly strung would have been an understatement. And then I went to work for Don Wallin's new organization called Stewart & Stevenson Servies.

Don's corporate culture was both informed by the them family controlled Stewart & Stevenson and his USAF pilot personality, and he created a great place to work. We were doing interesting things with a very good group of people; he created that rare quality for a corporate organization - a group that worked together as a team.. Don was a collector of good people, and truly an officer and a gentleman. He cared about the people who worked for him, and strove to take care of us. He loved his family, and loved golf. He also built a hell of a company at S&S.

I surprised I missed his passing last week on Saturday, And my thoughts and prayers are with his family.

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