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  • Charles Hinckley

Trump could learn from the example of Abdou Diouf

Updated: Jan 9, 2021

Having spent years in countries in Africa and elsewhere where free and fair elections are rare events, I love election days in America: the outcomes not always what I hoped, but the process of the people speaking is a powerful and moving one. In February 2000, I witnessed first-hand the Senegalese President Diouf, who was a four-term incumbent, loose to the opposition leader, Abdoulaye Wade. That night, Diouf called Wade. Wade didn’t even comprehend that his victory was possible given all the tools to modify results held by the incumbent. Diouf congratulated Wade and wished him good luck, and that Diouf was leaving in the morning for Paris and did not intend on returning.

The following is a sad perspective:

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