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A Disaster Coming to a Neighbor Near You and Denial 101

Best short description of climate change and fire risk in the West that I have ever read. Excellent read from NASA.

Regarding the true mystery of climate change, how to build consensus that urgent action is needed, "Denial 101" is an online course being offered again on which addresses the remaining science - the social science of understanding climate denial. Denial 191 offers some suggestions for how to make the case, and broaden the pro-action tent that is critical to moving forward on this important issue.

We need to educate, and reach out. The extent and urgency of change, the positive impact of change are all messages that are a challenge to grasp.

We are no longer talking about climate change in the future. The climate has changed, and is changing and the impacts are being felt today in Western fire danger, in Texas power outages, more volatile hurricanes and weather, and rising insurance rates for all to name a few.

see and search for Denial 101.

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