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Chuck Hinckley now back at CC Hinckley Co.

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

In August, I left Marathon Capital to return to CC Hinckley Co., a firm that I founded in 1998. I truly enjoyed working with Ted and the rest of the Marathon team and am proud of our accomplishment, and wish the best for the firm. I am also looking forward to adding value for our clients and investors from this historically successful platform. At CC Hinckley Co,, I have tended on taking longer term, complex, and more time intensive engagements. I don't intend on head to head competing with Marathon, rather take smaller, repeat focused, or complex engagements where the client can benefit from day to day senior banker involvement. I plan on hitting the "convergence" theme hard - infrastructure, energy efficiency, eMobility, data centers, traditionally different sectors have converging technologies and capital solutions. I do update my blogs from time to time, so realize that if there are material updates to something I have posted, I update the relevant blog. Looking forward to working with colleges past and meeting new ones ... Chuck Hinckley

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