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Sept 23, 2020: I was surprised to learn that my former employer, Marathon Capital, was sued by a former employee who reported to me. Further, I am dumfounded by how I was portrayed in the Complaint, and the fact that the Complaint was sent to the press before it was even filed. This "made for the press" alternative narrative is flawed in its very premise. I notified the plaintiff in mid-June that her job was ending and she negotiated her separation and last day with the home office on June 24th; her narrative started mostly in July long after her end of summer last day had been agreed - the timeline is entirely wrong; and otherwise this alternative narrative is largely inaccurate. Marathon retained an experienced and qualified lawyer/investigator to conduct an investigation of these allegations. Her 114 page report notes I never exhibited any "inappropriate" behavior toward the plaintiff; and the report concluded the plaintiffs salacious story was not "plausible" with multiple reasons given.

For better or worse, I am far from a blank sheet of paper - my story is long and well known. I have long been an advocate of women in the workplace, and of woman in traditionally male roles. I recommended hiring the plaintiff because she was qualified and wanting to help - not harm the firm's diversity - she is both a female and a veteran. I am in my mid-50's, there is not a single other complaint in my history. My record includes many instances of accommodating the needs of women in our workplace, hiring women into senior roles, and advancing women, etc.

I have longstanding practice of hiring our veterans, and I am well known for my support of veterans entering civilian life - I have hired over 100 veterans and they are my goto recruiting source. I am a veteran myself. In this case, the plaintiff was a yeoman, or let's translate, an "office manager" of an important command, had excellent grades, included coursework in economics and math, and graduated from an ivy league school. The role hired into was that as an office coordinator; seemed like a great stepping stone into the private sector; clearly, it did not work out. I am very proud the diversity of teams that I have put together, and of the accomplishments of the women, veterans, and black and hispanic co-workers - most of whom did remarkable things with me, and went on to be very successful.

Post Script: with little fanfare, the woman making the complaint dropped the law suit in April 2021.

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